Greer Riddell offers Video Production in Kent
Goodwin Sands SOS

Goodwin Sand's Campaigners Fight Against Dover's Dredging 3 Years On

9m09s   People Of Deal    New 

After Dover Harbour Board were given the go-ahead to dredge part of the famous Goodwin Sands, Fiona and Joanna have been working tirelessly to save them from irreversible damage.

Is Radio A Dying Industry

Women In Radio: Is Radio A Dying Industry?


Thanks to Wired Student Radio, the 7 panellists discuss whether there is still a place for radio in today’s media landscape.

Morning Matt at Eagle Radio

First Dates Comes To Guildford For One Surrey Radio Presenter


Matt hadn't been on a first date in 5 years. So his cohosts decided to set him up on three real blind dates with listeners.

Together For Freddie

Hampshire Village Raises £470,000 To Save 2yr-old With Brain Tumour

3m21s   Doc  

How 4 friends raised half a million pounds so Yateley's Freddie Hunt could get lifesaving treatment in America.

Places To Eat In Surrey

Places To Eat In Surrey: Surrey's Best Restaurants


Here's a countdown of the top places to eat in Surrey and a behind the scenes look at the food available.

People OF Deal Documentary
Kent Museum Of The Moving Image

Couple Remodels Deal Care Home Into 3 Storey Film Museum

🎬 Joss and David moved from Indiana to open the Kent Museum Of The Moving Image on the site of a disused care home.

People Of Deal
The Sea Cafe Walmner

Deal Cafe's Plan To Promote Equality With 400 Painted Stones

🎨 After finding out that residents had a racist nickname for his cafe, Peter is asking us to have a Conversation With The Stones.

People Of Deal
Tappy Jam Farnborough

Farnborough Skate Park's Tappy Jam Raises Suicide Awareness

🚲 When Matt took his own in 2013, Charlie started Tappy Jam, a memorial skateboarding meet up raising awareness of mental health.

Eagle Radio
Camberley All Night Homeless Cafe

See Inside The Camberley All Night Cafe For The Homeless

🛌 Every day Camberley Scout Hall opens to Carole Cole who provides food, clothes, showers and a bed for Camberley’s Homeless.

Eagle Radio
Surrey Police Training

Behind The Scenes Of Surrey Police's Officer Safety Training

🚓 Batons, PAVA, Handcuffing and a Bleep Test: Journalist Tom Cantoni is invited to go behind the scenes of Surrey Police.

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Wildlife Aid Foundation

How The Wildlife Aid Foundation Started In Leatherhead

🐰 Simon went from saving Wildlife in his Family Kitchen to dealing with 20,000 emergency calls a year with his Charity.

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Prostate Project Guildford

Guildford Charity Raises £8M For New Prostate Cancer Centre

🏥 In 1999 Colin was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, 20 years later a new Centre for Urology is built due to his fundraising efforts.

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Orchard Dementia Centre

Chertsey Dementia Sufferers Emotional Wartime Performance

🎤 The Orchard Dementia Centre is surprised with an emotional performance from vintage singing trio Champagne at the Blitz.

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Pop Up Pug Cafe Guildford

UK's First Pop Up Cafe For Pugs Opens In Guildford

🐶 We've seen cereal, cats and one that sells only crisps; the latest Pop Up Cafe is solely for pugs and has opened it’s doors in Guildford.

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Odeon In Guildford

Cinema Manager Of 50yrs Looks Back At Guildford's Original Odeon

📽 Everything from it's famous Beatles gig, publicity photos and what happened when Bryan caught a couple having sex in the cinema!

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